Go Big Or Go Home | A rug guide

An undervalued but essential part to a room, rugs are one of the easiest and most impactful ways you can update a space. 

Many make the mistake of buying a rug too small because they’re less expensive but we think it’s always safer to go larger. Purchasing a rug too modest in size actually makes a room feel smaller than it is, so the larger the rug, the bigger the room feels!

Photo: Architectural Digest

Photo: Architectural Digest

via Chris Loves Julia

via Chris Loves Julia

Photo: myDOMAINE

Photo: myDOMAINE


Living Room rugs are key to grounding your furniture so that they don’t feel like they’re floating away! We recommend that all four legs of your sofa and chairs be over a rug. If the sofa is against a wall, try for at least the front legs of your sofa and chairs on the rug. Do you have an extra large living room? Don’t be afraid to use two rugs to create two different but intimate spaces!


We like to apply the same rule that we use in the living room to our bedroom.

Ideally, both your bed and nightstands should be on the rug, but it’s totally acceptable to place your rug a few inches past your nightstands.

Additionally, using 2’ x 3’ rugs or runners on either side of your bed is a safe bet, too!


You always want the rug under your dining room table to be large enough so that when you pull your chair in and out it doesn’t catch the edge.

A good rule of thumb is to add 27” to each side of your table for the perfect size.


Banner Image via Camille Styles